Five years ago, Sal Banger had a problem, of the hair kind: an allergy to chemical hair dye. Despite being told by her GP to “grow old gracefully” Sal was not deterred.

Tenacious by nature, this Retail entrepreneur, put her energy, resources and business nous into investigating a solution to the problem. Ophelia Beauty was born!    The company has sourced and developed 100% chemical free Henna, Indigo and Cassia Obovata powder, for ALL hair types.  The products available have ZERO negative impacts on your skin.

Ophelia Beauty work with their clients to ensure lustrous locks, without the taint of chemical parabens.

As an ambassador of the product, Sal’s crowning glory is proof that her product works. Sal is passionate about promoting her innovative line to ensure her clients have a pleasant and transformative beauty journey. Sal’s team of industry professionals are excited to hear from you and provide you with expert assistance, for both your hair and other beauty needs.

Begin your journey to lifelong beauty with Ophelia…