Cassia Obovata and how to use it

2018 Nov 1st

So many have asked about how Cassia works and what type of hair it works best on. Your hair must be chemical free for results. The results yielded from applying to blonde locks turning grey is a lovely honey gold colour.

Ensure your hair is washed with a soft shampoo and rinse with water or some tend to use vinegar. Use warm water to mix the cassia. If you’re using vinegar to rinse your hair you may want to add cloves to the mixture to rid of the smell. You can also add drops of coconut oil to the mixture or apply to your hair and add after application. Leave for at least 1.5 hours.

When washing out, you can use a light conditioner if you don’t mind having your hair rinsed out without shampoo.

I will stress that once washed you will find a distinct smell which you'll get used to once you've used this process a few times. Your hair may also have a light frizz but the following day it will be full of body with a beautiful shine! :D