Ophelia Indigo Powder

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100 Grams

Indigo Leaf Powder which is botanically named "Indigofera Tinctoria" is a 100% pure herbal plant and an alternative and natural hair dye. Ophelia Indigo Leaf Powder when used in conjunction with Ophelia Henna Natural Hair Dye can result in your copper tones turning a deeper dark tint.

Ophelia Indigo Leaf Powder is a natural product obtained from natural dried plant leaves and do not contain chemicals known as ParaPhenyleneDiamine, Ammonia or Peroxide.  


Application instructions


  • Mix the Ophelia Indigo Natural Hair Dye (Indigofera Tinctoria) with lukewarm water and add salt to make a thick paste. Apply immediately.
  • Wrap the hair with plastic wrap and rest for at least 1-2 hours.  Rinse the indigo out of your hair. 
  • The tint will darken over the next three days.  After the first time using this product, re-dye your hair two weeks later in order to get a deeper and richer colour. 
  • After these steps, you can touch up the roots only a few times between full hair applications.